Due to the conjoint efforts of different milieus, the market of high-risk investments in Poland is developing quickly from one year to the next. It thus provides capital to new, innovative and promising undertakings, at different stages of development. Unfortunately, a substantial part of commercially viable business and technological project fails to clear the hurdle of lack of sufficient information about the high-risk capital market.

The mission of the portal is to present a credible, current and all-round picture of entities which invest in startups and of transactions made in that market.

We want to ensure that the startup community, advanced technology pioneers and academic companies, as well as potential individual and institutional investors will be able to conveniently reach a high-risk fund appropriate to their needs.

We hope that, thanks to the portal, persons interested in a statistical overview of the market, or of a selected fragment of it – e.g. journalists, analysts or researchers – will gain access to the necessary data, trends and knowledge. We assume that the example of Poland, a country open to technological entrepreneurship, and to investors who expect it to dynamically develop, will allow the expansion of the portal’s subject area to include also other venture capital markets in our region. The portal will then contribute to the creation of an international startup database which will underscore East Central Europe as one of the centers of innovation on the global map.